Part 1

With the rise of so many search engines and the quality of search engines it begs the question of which should we be using? Should we consider the quality of the results over the quantity or vice versa? We begin to analyze the differences of search engines while establishing certain criteria’s in order to establish the clear option when looking at the topic of News and Stories and how these search engines display their results fairly and accurately.

Often at times it is necessary to get variety of sources reporting the same story in order to be able to see the full picture. An important criterion when evaluating and examine news and stories is whether the results give reliable and credible sources while maintaining a wide diversity. Therefore, the first criterion would be Reliability/Credibility and diversity. It would be very detrimental in one’s research validity if when researching about a topic brought up results completely unrelated to the topic nor having any value towards the search a user may have intended. While it is important to keep a diverse amount of results it is also important maintain relevancy while maintaining diversity.

Advertisement, usually, are displayed based on the relevancy to the search input. While ads promoting sales are not necessary there are new forms of advertisement that allow those that advertisement put their links near the top of the results or on a side panel. This criterion will take into account multiple things; Reliability/Credibility, relevancy, as well as where the ad is placed.

Although, one of the most important criterion would have to be the algorithm used for the search engine. Understanding how the algorithm works better assists us in understanding what affects the previous three criterion as well as what each engine takes into consideration in order to prove relevancy and what dictates which source goes above another. To better understand the importance of algorithms this article does a good job in explaining the importance and differences between the major search engines.

It is obvious that search engines constantly trying to improve and it is important not to waste time using an engine that is going to produce inaccurate results that do not pertain to our topic. By limiting our options and narrowing down to one option we can assure that the information and results given are of the most accurate when comparing between several search engines.


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